V On the Street

Delta Chi’s Inaugural Run VK Pittsburgh

i-KB6xJL9-S At an international convention in 2006, the Delta Chi Fraternity chose to make an impact on cancer research by naming The V Foundation for Cancer Research as its preferred philanthropic organization.

The brothers and alumni of the Delta Chi Pittsburgh and Duquesne chapters continued this legacy with an inaugural Run VK Pittsburgh 5K on Sunday, March 30.

“Since there are two chapters in Pittsburgh very close in proximity to one another and a large alumni base it seemed like a good idea to be one of the first to hold the race,” said Tom Horowitz, VK co-race director along with Tom Hoffman and Roni Shwaish.  

The VK 5K began as a Delta Chi Fraternity international event that chapters across North America could organize on their campuses and communities.

The Delta Chi Fraternity invited runners, walkers and fans of all ages to join them in their cause, while racing past Pittsburgh landmarks.

“Our goal for the first year was to get a race under our belts and hopefully raise at least $1 more than we started with. Although we are still processing the final bills from the race we believe we raised more than $3,000 for The V Foundation,” Horowitz said.

i-sdbHBjX-XLHorowitz was inspired by the positive impacts that the race had on the community. “The stories that I heard on race day from participants and their families were truly inspiring. One runner told me that he wasn’t supposed to be alive today, but because of research he is on a medication that not only saved his life, but he was there running with his daughter and family, “ said Horowitz.

“It is really amazing what our chapters have created in their own fundraising events, and although not many people know what a VK is, we hope to change that in the coming years,” said Horowitz.

Visit the Run VK Pittsburgh website here.