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Hoops for Hope–Continuing Jimmy V’s Legacy

Jim Valvano’s dream of finding cures for cancer is one that is shared by millions, including Coach Jerry McLaughlin.

ECC-Spartan-Logo-RGB-2-inch-20130912Every year, McLaughlin continues Jimmy V’s work with a fundraiser involving his two passions–basketball and cancer research.

For Head Women’s Basketball Coach Jerry McLaughlin, starting The V Foundation Fundraiser at Elgin Community College in 2012 was the perfect way to continue Jimmy V’s legacy.

“My mother died of ovarian cancer when I was 13 years old and I wanted to find a way to help find a cure for cancer,” said McLaughlin. “I met Coach Jim Valvano when he was a college coach at various clinics and events, so I decided that The V Foundation was a great place to start raising funds to help find a cure for cancer.”

The event features a men’s and a women’s basketball game, followed by a silent auction. The silent auction items will include autographed sports items and gift certificates to local restaurants and hotels. The fundraiser will take place on Febuary 20 at the Elgin Community College gym in Elgin, IL.

“It is amazing how many people are willing to help and volunteer their time to run this event every year. I see a definite positive impact in our community through my V Foundation Fundraiser,” said McLaughlin.

McLaughlin continues fundraising for The V Foundation year-round, and is particularly passionate about fundraising for pediatric cancer research with Dick Vitale.

“I believe that the money raised and the research being done is a great way to help young children and their families,” he says.

Learn more about Elgin Community College’s V Foundation Fundraiser here.

Post by Kelsey Erdossy, Social Media Intern for The V Foundation.