I #DontEverGiveUp

Robin RobertsI #DontEverGiveUp for all of those who are currently battling with cancer.

I #DontEverGiveUp for those who can no longer hold up their sign.

I #DontEverGiveUp for the parents who are watching their child battle this terrible disease.

I #DontEverGiveUp for the 1.7 million people who will be diagnosed 2014.

I #DontEverGiveUp for the people we’ve lost.

I #DontEverGiveUp for the 14.5 million cancer survivors alive today in the United States.

I #DontEverGiveUp for all people working to find all the cures to all the cancers that need to be found.

Everyone has something that they #DontEverGiveUp for and we want to know yours.

Join athletes, sports personalities and many others in sharing who you #DontEverGiveUp for.

Print this sign and fill in the blank (First names only!).
Then take your photo and post it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more!
Don’t forget to use the hashtag #DontEverGiveUp.