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Jimmy V’s Osteria and Bar: Serving Great Food and Great Support

“Call me the Will Rogers of eating. I never met a meal I did not like.” — Jim Valvano

Just over a year ago, in the heart of Jimmy V territory, the coach’s legacy came to life once again.

Jimmy V’s Osteria and Bar makes sure no one in Raleigh has to eat a bad meal. It’s no surprise that a menu inspired by Jim’s classic family recipes and general love for good food has found such success only minutes from NC State University.

Since its September 2013 grand opening, Jimmy V’s Osteria and Bar has pledged 2.5% of its revenue to fund cutting-edge cancer research through The V Foundation. An initial check of over $40,500 was presented to the Foundation in March. Just last month, the Raleigh hot spot presented a second check of over $39,000 to The V Foundation.

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As is the case in any heartbreaking loss, those of us lucky enough to be touched by Jim’s inspiration have united since his passing in an effort to keep Jim’s dreams of defeating cancer alive.

Jimmy V’s Osteria and Bar and The V Foundation’s partnership stands for more than those touched by the man. We stand to touch more and more people every day by creating a legacy worthy of Jim Valvano. We stand to reach those whom Jim had not the time to reach himself.


Jimmy V’s Osteria and Bar

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