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One in a Million

We often use the phrase “everyone is touched by cancer.” Most of the time, no one disagrees with that statement. In fact, 95% of the staff at The V Foundation for Cancer Research have either faced cancer personally or have a loved one who has faced cancer. Defeating cancer is our cause, partly because we all know someone in the fight.

Dave Rickert

Not Dave Rickert.

Rickert has not faced cancer personally, nor does he have a loved one facing cancer. He simply wants to help people.

Rickert, President of BroadData Conferencing in Louisville, Kentucky, has been in the telecommunications business for more than 20 years, and he provides conferencing services to customers in all 50 states as well as internationally. He loves the diversity his job provides and the opportunity to interact with businesses all over the world. Five years ago, he decided to give back to a cause that affects people throughout the world by providing an in-kind donation to The V Foundation. An in-kind donation is a gift of a good or service. It’s one of many options available to support our cause, and it’s just one of the ways that Rickert has chosen to help our mission.

“My search started back in early 2009,” Rickert said. “Back at that time, I was looking for things to do through the business to help an organization. I’m a basketball nut. It was a good fit. The V Foundation was very receptive to working together. Everyone I talked to there has been very warm and receptive, and I think that made it easier to start helping.”

The V Foundation has found its one-in-a-million supporter – someone untouched by cancer but eager to fight it nonetheless. After a few years, Rickert decided to bring another weapon to the battle – a pledge of a recurring gift.

“Monthly giving came a little later, as I learned more,” he explained. “I got feedback [from the Foundation] that [they] really appreciated it, and it was helpful. And, that led me to do more. The 100 percent donation [that goes to fund research] was an aspect I liked. Also, every time I interacted with someone in the organization, everyone was always so kind and warm.”

You are no doubt reading this because you have an interest in stopping cancer. Maybe you’ve lost someone. Maybe you are just starting your fight. Or, maybe you’re here because you just want to help. Whatever the reason, The V Foundation thanks you for your support and encourages you to do what you can in the war against cancer. No matter how you give or how much you give, the result is the same. We will continue to use 100 percent of your donations to fund life-saving cancer research.

One day, we hope to say there are more people like Dave Rickert around. We’d like to see all of you reading this, not because you are touched by cancer but simply because you want to help others.

To make your own monthly giving commitment, please visit our Donation Page, and select the ‘repeat this gift every month’ option. If you would like to consider an in-kind donation, please contact our office at 919-380-9505.


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