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Be a HERO with Sony PlayStation

Article by Jonelle Kimbrough











Sony PlayStation is offering gamers an opportunity to be heroes in the virtual world AND in the real world with HEROES.

Gamers can download the HEROES app and purchase related digital content on their PlayStation 4 systems. For each dollar spent, participants receive one entry into a random drawing for a chance to play against a particular celebrity. Ninety percent of every purchase benefits a charity.

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig represents The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

“Puig embodies the ‘Don’t Give Up . . . Don’t Ever Give Up!’ spirit as much as any professional baseball player on the field today, and The V Foundation is proud for Puig to represent our cause in HEROES,” said Susan Braun, CEO of The V Foundation.

Puig was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba, and he played baseball for the Cuban national team. When he defected from Cuba for an opportunity to play Major League Baseball (MLB) in America, his story soon became one of intrigue. On five separate occasions, Puig tried to immigrate to the United States.

Despite numerous hardships, Puig finally reached the United States and signed a seven-year contract with the Dodgers in 2012. He made his professional baseball debut on June 3, 2013. Since then, he has posted 287 hits and 35 home runs. His batting average of .305 places him among the top 20 players in the MLB.

Now that he has made a name for himself in professional sports, Puig wants to use his fame for a greater cause.

“I am very excited and honored to be a part of PlayStation HEROES and to be a part of The V Foundation and its efforts to search for a cure for cancer,” Puig said. “I would love a world where people can live longer, where people don’t have these types of diseases, where kids can live longer and accomplish their wishes and dreams, where we don’t lose good people. I would like to continue to be a part of this partnership as long as I can.”

Sony contributed $100,000 to The V Foundation to kick off the HEROES campaign.

Gamers can purchase the digital content that benefits The V Foundation now through March 23. A random winner will be selected to play against Puig in April.