Goodbye, 2015. Thanks for the Memories!

Dick Clark had his rockin’ countdown. And, while we don’t have a giant ball drop or any confetti, we’d like to think our final moments of 2015 are just as exciting. Together, with you, we spent the year funding cancer research and saving lives! What were your favorite moments? If I had to pick just 10 …

  • Team V hit the Big Apple and raised more than $300,000 in the TCS New York City Marathon! Our runners trained a combined 50,000+ miles to help stop cancer. That’s what I call propelling cancer research forward.
  • The unstoppable Dick Vitale – have you heard about his Gala? Over the last 10 years, he’s raised millions for pediatric cancer, and he just keeps going. Now, I’m not saying he’s Superman, but have you ever seen Dick and Superman in the same room?
  • Stuart Scott. I know … just reading his name breaks my heart a little more, too. He’s another super hero, and we lost him much too soon. But because of him, we funded more than $2.2 million in research to help minorities. The statistics around minorities with cancer are alarming. Fueled by money from Stuart’s memorial fund, we hope to find out why some populations lose more cancer patients and stop it.
  • Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month was in September. And, it was tough to see all the kids who battle cancer every day. But the kids honored are amazing. What a treat to re-visit Chad Jones. Stories like his give me hope and make me proud. Look what your donations have done! Look what cancer research can do!
  • I was saving V Week for last, but I’m still too giddy about it all. The Empire State Building was lit blue on December 7. The Jimmy V Classic saw great games in Madison Square Garden. And former ESPN President and V Foundation Board Member George Bodenheimer rang the Opening Bell of the Nasdaq. What a week! Does it get any better than having a partner like ESPN? We are grateful every day for the partnership Jim Valvano created with them. Hats off to you, ESPN!
  • The Wine Celebration. Ahhhhh, The Wine Celebration. Wait, I have to wait until next August to enjoy that again?! Cheers to another wonderful event in Napa Valley. August 4, 2016 can’t come soon enough. A weekend at a winery and funding cancer research at the same time? Brilliant and delicious all at once.
  • Homage made new shirts! The new hoodie topped my holiday gift list. Now, all my friends and family look good while fighting cancer at the same time. Cozy never felt so good.
  • Here’s a unique one – a mystery donor! Someone made a challenge to us – a BIG challenge. Raise $3 million for pediatric research, and it would be matched. So we did. I made that sound simple, and it was not, but the result of the hard work was simple. Thanks to our Mystery Supporter, and those of you that met the match, we raised even more. Take that, pediatric cancer!
  • Let’s pause for a moment. I’d like to enjoy my Constellation Brand beer and Hooters wings before we continue. Yum. What a treat! Another treat? Constellation raised more than one million dollars for cancer research this year. A million. That’s $1,000,000. Six zeros and two commas. And Hooters spent the month of October on a mission. Restaurants nationwide helped raise more than $700,000 for The V Foundation. Wow. We have some amazing friends. With partners like these in the fight against cancer, we can’t lose.
  • My final favorite moment? It’s a small one, but it means a lot. My favorite moment is coming to work every day with a group of people who want to stop cancer. We log on to our computers in the morning, and our day of cancer fighting starts. But we don’t do it alone. We have your help. You made this an amazing year. I’m proud to be a part of The V Foundation; and I am proud that you are with us on this quest to end cancer. Thank you. May you enjoy a healthy start to 2016!