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Humble Bundle is a Game Changer


Article by Abigail Ancherico

Make a difference, in-game and out, with Humble Bundle.

Online distributor Humble Bundle is offering passionate gamers an opportunity to score great games and support The V Foundation through its Humble Origin Bundle 2, available now through Tuesday, April 28 at 11 AM Pacific Time.

Humble Origin Bundle 2 emphasizes the importance of raising money for charity while delivering quality games to the community. Gamers can donate money with each purchase to change lives in the real world while impacting virtual ones in each game.

Consumers can pay $1 or more for a wide variety of Electronic Arts games including Dragon Age Origins, Peggle and Dead Space 2, or they can pay the beat-the-average price to receive higher tiered games such as Mass Effect 2, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Bejeweled 3. Gamers can select The V Foundation as their benefiting charity, and Humble Bundle will make a donation to support cancer research.

Through the generosity of more than 5 million customers, Humble Bundle has donated more than $50 million to over 50 unique charities, including The V Foundation, since the company’s launch in 2010.

“It felt great to receive a video game and give back,” said Jackson Sweet, a supporter of The V Foundation who purchased last year’s Humble Bundle. “It was a great feeling to help in the fight against cancer, and I would highly recommend this to any video game fan. It’s been a year now, and I am still playing the games I got. They are terrific and really fun. I liked that I got to pick how much to spend. I got a good value out of the Humble Bundle and was excited to help The V Foundation, too.”

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