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Michael the Intern’s Steiner Sports Auction Picks


Article by Michael Walker, Communications Intern

Through October 7, Steiner Sports is hosting an auction to benefit The V Foundation for Cancer Research. Steiner Sports declares it is “the leading producer of authentic hand-signed collectibles and the best source for all your sports gift and collectible needs,” and this year’s list of memorabilia falls nothing short of such a claim. In fact, there are so many desirable items, I thought you might benefit from a list of “must-have’s” to guide your decision-making.

Michael Jordan Wilson Basketball

No athlete is more recognizable than Michael Jordan. He is among the most revered as well as dominant athletes of all time. As a six-time NBA champion, six-time NBA finals MVP and five-time NBA MVP (not to mention a leader on the National Championship team at the University of North Carolina), Jordan transcends the definition of “greatness.”  Just like many of Jordan’s most famous games, the winner of this item will likely be determined at the buzzer.

Jim Brown Signed Football with “Hall of Fame ‘71” Inscription

For nine seasons, Jim Brown ran the football better than any player before him. When he retired at the age of 30 at the peak of his career, he left behind a record book clogged with Jim Brown notations. As a four-time NFL MVP, he is the most successful Cleveland Brown of all time.  Like the Jordan basketball, this item will be coveted by many.

Impact Racing NASCAR Helmet – Chase for the Sprint Cup 2009

Though NASCAR drivers turn only left, bidding on this item is the “right” decision. Signed by 12 of NASCAR’s elite drivers, this item is a necessity. Not only will you be the owner of a unique item none of your friend’s have, but you can even wear the helmet to experience what it is like to be a professional racer.

ESPN Baseball Tonight Cast Signed Bat – Includes Alex Cora, John Kruk, Karl Ravech, Chris Singleton and Curt Schilling

In my opinion, this is the most interesting item in the auction. Though many of the hosts of ESPN’s Baseball Tonight are spectacular sportscasters, many of them experienced fame before joining the show. Curt Schilling’s legendary pitching performance in the 2004 World Series will never be forgotten. His autograph alone is enticing enough to purchase this item.

Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Game Signed by Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez

Manny Pacquiao may be the most unique fighter in boxing, and this item may be the most unique item in the auction. Who doesn’t love a good game of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots? It is a classic, and the additional signature of the most beloved Philippine boxer in history makes it that much more original. This is certainly the kind of item I would brag to my friends about.

Anything Ali

Ali’s most famous quote is, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”  Similarly, you’ll feel stung if you don’t leave this auction with at least one Muhammad Ali item. Nicknamed “The Greatest,” his 56-5 record is among the best of all time. The main attraction is the Cassius Clay “I’m the Greatest” signed black and white photo; however, there are several Ali items up for auction, and you will want to be sure you get your hands on at least one of them.

To bid on these and other amazing sports memorabilia items and support The V Foundation, click here.