Donor Spotlight

Pediatric Cancer Drives Donor Josh Milstein

Article by Katie Sweet

Josh Milstein
It’s only natural to support charitable causes that affect you. If you and your family have been touched by an illness, you want to unite with others to defeat that common enemy. If your school or your church needs a new book collection, you band together and raise the funds. We support people and things near and dear to us.

So, when I tell you that V Foundation supporter Josh Milstein founded an online resource to help parents, you’d think he was out to help his fellow parent, right? When I tell you that he is passionate about ending pediatric cancer, you’d think it was a disease that had touched his family in some way.

But, Josh’s story is a little unique. His drive doesn’t stem from a need he has. He just wants to give back. He wants to make a difference.

“Entrepreneurship and philanthropy are how I was raised,” said Josh. “My family always taught me to give back. I’ve looked for organizations I’ve believed in. Cancer research is something most people can relate to, whether through family or friends. I did my research to make sure [The V Foundation] delivers on the promises that it makes. It’s done such good work – perseverance and hard work – to get where it is.”

Josh founded Mommy Nearest almost two years ago. It’s an online tool designed to help parents navigate a big city with their kids – a geo-focused app that runs in real time. During those two years, Mommy Nearest has also been driving awareness about pediatric cancer, specifically infant leukemia.

“We work with a family whose child was struck with infant leukemia,” Josh remarked. “We’ve been supporting her family and community for two years now. A lot of treatment for children is really geared for adults. Infant cancer is just so rare, but if we can nip it in the bud before it gets worse, that would be ideal.”

Each of our supporters has a unique story, an inspiration for giving back. No matter the reason, those stories have brought us together. And, together with our drive and our passion, like Josh, we are able to make a difference.

What motivates you? What can you do to make a difference?