Amazing Experiences Abound in the ESPY Day Auction!

By Mick McDonald

It’s ESPYS week, which means the ESPY Day Auction on eBay is live, and if you haven’t checked out the hundreds of experiences and items up for bid, you are missing out! What should you be most excited about? Well, there truly is something for everyone up for grabs (Seriously, why are you still reading this? Go see for yourself!) If it was up to me though? Here are the five experiences I’d be most excited about:

Join Tim Kurkjian for an Orioles game at Camden Yards

Those who know me won’t be surprised by this. I’m a die-hard Orioles fan. Even though I’ve been to hundreds of games as both a fan and an employee of the Orioles, I wouldn’t be able to pass up the chance to watch a game with one of the best dudes in sports media. If I’m lucky, I can get him to crack up with a Baltimore accent like SVP does. A sandwich from Boog’s, a Natty Boh and some weird Kurkjian stories on a sunny day at the Yard? Doesn’t get much better than that.

ESPN Highlight Producer for a Day

If my career had taken another path, I could have been working in TV. After spending a season in a baseball TV production truck, I learned a ton about the industry. Mainly, the people behind the scenes are INCREDIBLE. To get a chance to run through amazing highlights and select what gets on SportsCenter? That would be awesome. Bonus points (and extra dollars bid) if I got to choose the Not Top 10.

Kenny Chesney Concert in South Beach

And you thought this was all sports experiences? Think again! If you’ve never seen Kenny Chesney live, you are missing out on quite the party. I’ve seen him a couple of times and had a blast. So why choose this experience? It not only includes tickets to the show, but airfare to Miami, your hotel while you’re there PLUS a guitar signed by Kenny! Thinking about sipping an ice cold Corona Light while listening to “Summertime” already has me bidding too much!

Sunday Night Baseball with Jessica Mendoza

Anyone who pays attention to baseball (especially a broadcasting nerd like myself) will tell you how fantastic Jessica Mendoza has been in the booth in her first year on the job. It’s amazing to me how quickly she has become comfortable with Dan Shulman and Aaron Boone and been an incredible asset to a terrific broadcast team. Getting to chat with her about her rise in the past year would be pretty cool, not to mention getting to head to the Sunday Night Baseball game of your choice.

Enjoy the Ultimate WrestleMania Experience

I have a friend who is the biggest sports fan I know. He has been to the Super Bowl, a BCS National Championship Game, the Final Four and basically every big event in sports you can name. If you ask him what the best atmosphere at a sporting event was that he ever attended, it takes him less than a second to respond with “WrestleMania. Not close.” He sold me, and WrestleMania is now part of my sports bucket list. So, why not bid on this to not only go, but have your hotel and airfare covered and get a VIP pre-event backstage tour!