Donor Spotlight: Campi Family Starts Giving Page to Continue Karen’s Legacy of Generosity

Gary and Karen Campi were active participants in the V Foundation Wine Celebration for many years. Starting a family real estate business together nearly 30 years ago in Los Altos, California, the couple and their family have always been passionate about supporting the community and giving back to others.

Amazingly, it was during a presentation at the V Foundation Cancer Symposium that daughters Jaclyn and Lauren realized their mom Karen was fighting her own cancer battle. “Mom was having on-going health issues, and we weren’t sure what was causing it, until it suddenly clicked in our minds during the presentation, the worst possible scenario…We’d been supporting the cause for so long, and now we were thrown into our own battle,” Jaclyn said.

Less than two months later on her 63rd birthday, Karen received a harrowing diagnosis of en extremely rare, stage 4 liver cancer, and she was given three months to live. With her fifth grandchild just born, she fought an inspiring battle for over 15 months, receiving incredible support from family, friends and the V Foundation network.

Her motto, “Why Not You” was a testament to her spirit and belief that you could do anything you put your mind to.

The family lost Karen to that diagnosis, but she will always be remembered for her incredible generosity and her commitment to helping others beat all types of cancer. “She was an absolutely incredible woman. She was self-driven, motivated, very generous and a true inspiration to all who knew her,” said Dustin Owen, the couple’s son-in-law. Her motto, “Why Not You” was a testament to her spirit and belief that you could do anything you put your mind to.

The Campi family created a giving page to honor and celebrate Karen’s life, along with sharing this message: “There are a lot of true heroes in this fight, but our mom really embodied Jim Valvano’s perspective; to live every day to the fullest, never give up and always be positive. She is such an amazing role model to all, and we hope to continue that legacy through our contribution.”

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