March Means More to Constellation and Their Distributors

There are plenty of good reasons to look forward to the month of March. The arrival of Spring, buzzer beaters and Cinderella stories in the NCAA Tournament and here at the V Foundation, Constellation Brands Beer’s “You Love the Game … Now Join the Fight” program. Constellation’s passion and dedication to raising money for cancer research each March is truly inspiring. Last year, their hard work paid off, raising more than $1.26 million for cancer research through the V Foundation.

The program is successful thanks to the dedication of the wonderful folks at Constellation, who have a team across the country committed to this program during the month of March. John Williams, Constellation’s Pacific Northwest General Manager, is one of the program’s biggest supporters. Williams lost two of his grandparents, his mother and his best friend to cancer. He also has another close friend with a 9-year old currently battling the disease.

“You just get tired of seeing it and hearing about it,” said Williams. “Our hope is that at some point in time, when someone is diagnosed with cancer, there is no longer the thought of, I’m going to die.”

Williams and his team in the Pacific Northwest take every opportunity during the month to raise money for cancer research, and they leave no stone unturned. This March, his team of market managers and wholesalers will host eight golf tournaments. His team partners with local Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants to run promotions during the NCAA Tournament. Last year, they even had one of their salesmen spend an entire day in a dunk tank at a carnival.

“This program is about raising money, but also bringing some awareness to what the V Foundation does. We just try to put a fun spin on it,” said Williams.

Constellation’s support is unwavering, but this program is successful not only due to their commitment, but to the dedication of many of Constellation’s distributors across the country. James “Bubba” Moffett, Jr., President of Crescent Crown Distributing, had no trouble getting on board.

When we get the phone call to ask if we are in, the answer is always the same. We’re in. We’re all in.

“Myself and our team here never gave it a second thought,” said Moffett. “It’s a little bit to give back, but we know it can add up to some amazing research.”

Moffett knows that while what his distributor can do for the Foundation and for cancer research may just be a “drop in the bucket”, the collection of folks working toward one goal across the country is something very special.

“This partnership means everything to us. If what we do on an annual basis alongside Constellation continues to benefit cancer research, and even gets us a step in the right direction towards a cure, that’s something we will be incredibly proud of,” said Moffett.

Together, we will achieve victory over cancer. And whether it’s one of hundreds of distributors across the country, or the Constellation team themselves, we can’t thank them enough for being a part of our team. Every March, we are humbled by the energy showed by this incredible group.

“When we get the phone call to ask if we are in, the answer is always the same,” said Moffett.

“We’re in. We’re all in.”