How the Scherr Family Honored Their “Poppa”

The Scherr family and their company Ultimate Software, founded by Scott Scherr in 1990, are well known for their philanthropic efforts. People Magazine and Forbes have acknowledged Ultimate Software for their commitment to providing a supportive work environment and giving back to those in need. This is a value that was instilled in them by the family patriarch, Reuben Scherr, affectionately known as “Poppa.”

When Reuben “Poppa” Scherr lost his battle with lung cancer at the age of 91 in 2016, the company’s employees were encouraged to commemorate his altruistic legacy through memorial donations to the V Foundation.  And the outpouring of support was incredible.

For the Scherr Family, kindness and generosity are personal and professional imperatives.

Nearly 200 employees contributed over $30,000, recognizing Reuben’s generosity and the influence of his life and memory on those around him.

Taking inspiration from the company’s employees, the family established the Reuben “Poppa” Scherr fund in honor of their father.  This generous $250,000 gift will contribute to the V Foundation’s 2017 BRCA challenge, supporting research into BRCA gene mutations and their impact on several prevalent types of cancer, and will also fund a prestigious V Scholar Award.  With this gift, the Scherr family will help the V Foundation make significant strides towards achieving victory over cancer.

For the Scherr Family, kindness and generosity are personal and professional imperatives.  The creation of this fund allows them to combine the two and to honor “Poppa” Scherr’s impactful life and giving spirit.