25 Years of Funding Excellence: Eli Ziff, Delta Chi

Creating a positive difference in the world is something that Jim Valvano wished to pass on as one of his final lessons. The values instill in the brotherhood of Delta Chi allow us to work together as brothers and accomplish greater tasks than any one person could.

In the summer of 2012, I lost my father to cancer. That day changed my life forever. When I came to college and was welcomed into the brotherhood of Delta Chi, I realized that we could band together and support a cause that could really make a positive impact on the world. The brotherhood is passionate about changing this world in any way we can, which is why the V Foundation for Cancer Research is so important to us.

Seeing my brothers doing all that they can to raise money in the hope to make even the smallest difference reminds me that we need to make the most of our time together and work together to accomplish one amazing goal.

In the summer of 2012, I lost my father to cancer. That day changed my life forever.

Our Miss Greek IU pageant is our main way of contributing to the V Foundation every year, and we look forward to contributing even more to the Foundation in the future. The enthusiasm of the Indiana Chapter of Delta Chi for the V Foundation is shown through our efforts to raise $250,000 for cancer research. This fundraiser is the highlight of our chapter every year; we get to honor the amazing people within in our community and give our proceeds to an incredible cause.

The purpose and cause of the V Foundation is the reason why our chapter chooses to dedicate so much time and effort to raise money for the Foundation. It gives us motivation and assurance that our efforts are going to good use.