Cancer Research Gives Hope

It’s a different world on the floor of a pediatric oncology unit. Trust me on this. The children are often pale and thin and bald, which has the effect of making them look old. Old and weary and shrouded with a sadness that no child should have to bear.

Since January of 2012, my wife and daughter and I have spent far too many bleak days on the 5th floor of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford, CT. Our little girl has a brain tumor, a tumor that for now is quiet. We are immensely thankful for that, but always understand how precarious her fate is, how quickly we may have to turn to the next treatment, and how desperate we will be for that treatment to work.

It’s a different world on the floor of a pediatric oncology unit. Trust me on this.

How many times have I sat at a computer Googling, “juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma”, poring through crumbs of information, in hopes that some new medicine is in the pipeline?  So often, there is nothing new. The efficacy of chemo drugs is tabulated in terms of “overall survival”, as chilling a read as any parent can imagine. The V Foundation is dedicated to creating better outcomes. It is supporting the research that hopefully leads to answers. It gives me solace, knowing that there is somebody, doing something, about this disease, which stops at seemingly every doorstep.

A cancer diagnosis is like stepping into a nightmare. “How did this become our lives?” We know we’re the lucky ones. So many have gone through so much worse. Being a parent of a child with cancer is like experiencing a low-grade terror 24/7.  For all of the kids and their families on all of those pediatric oncology floors, please consider donating to the V Foundation.