In Their Own Words: Greg Brown

The V Foundation is successful thanks to the contributions of many: donors, corporate partners, our incredible Board and Scientific Advisory Committee and the amazing researchers to whom we award grants. With “In Their Own Words,” we sit down with key members of our team to learn more about their commitment to the V Foundation and their personal desire to put an end to cancer. In this edition, we chat with Greg Brown, President of Admiral Beverage, an incredible supporter of Constellation Brands Beer’s “Hoops for Hope” program.


The V Foundation: How have you personally been affected by cancer?

Greg Brown: Sixteen years ago I became part of a group called KEG (Knowledge Exchange Group) 4. I became best friends with a KEG member named Mike Lawrence. Mike ran a beer distributor in the northeast and also sold Constellation Brands beers. Mike was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away on June 17, 2014. Cancer is wicked! Mike died from a “smokers lung”, even though he never smoked!


TVF: Why is Constellation’s March initiative with the V Foundation so important to you and your company?

GB: I was on the Constellation Distributor Council when the decision was made to support the V Foundation. Bill Hackett and Jim Sabia were so authentic and they wanted to give back. The problem was that no one knew how to activate the relationship with the foundation. Bill and Jim plugged away and they didn’t give up, and today we are all part of a special relationship with the V Foundation.


TVF: What things do you and your company do to help raise money for cancer research?

GB: Several times a year Admiral Beverage sells raffle tickets to win beer merchandise like chairs, shirts and other items. We donate this money to cancer research.


TVF: For you personally, what is the best thing about this partnership?

GB: The V Foundation is very efficient. I like the fact that the bulk of the money donated goes to fixing cancer and not to funding an administration.


TVF: What does a Victory Over Cancer look like to you?

GB: Again, cancer is wicked! We need to rid the world of this ugly disease. God Bless the V Foundation.


Learn more about how you can support Constellation Brands Beer’s Hoops for Hope program.