Survivorship with Bristol-Myers Squibb

Research to better understand how to improve the health and extend the lives of cancer survivors is critical to fully eradicating cancer.  Fear over reoccurrences, lasting, long-term effects of cancer treatments and family risks are only a few of the needs to be met in performing biomedically-based cancer research.  With the creation of the Robin Roberts Fund for Cancer Survivorship, the V Foundation for Cancer Research is embarking on a new research initiative to expand the ways we can change the face of cancer forever.

In the U.S. alone, there are more than 16 million people alive today with cancer!  Even if cures for each of the many forms of cancer were discovered tomorrow, we would have much work to do to ensure that all of the vestiges of cancer are removed from our world.  By funding promising research into these aspects of cancer survivorship, we believe we can more quickly make cancer a thing of the past.

But we cannot do this alone.  We need the remarkable and enthusiastic researchers who work day and night on their studies to find solutions that will provide answers.  We need donors who support the work.  And we need support from others in the community, like Bristol-Myers Squibb.  Bristol-Myers Squibb has a heritage of working together for patients. They too are inspired by the hope of a future when people diagnosed with cancer can live longer, healthier lives.

Finally, and far from least, we need Robin Roberts.  Robin has been fearless in publicly sharing her journey with cancer.  She has informed the world of her fears and pain, along with her victory over cancer.  She has used her voice to amplify the voices of others who are not well heard – others who also want to be free of cancer’s grip.  She inspired the V Foundation to create this fund and do significant survivorship research.  And with Robin’s help, with generous charitable funding from Bristol-Myers Squibb and from each of our donors, we are heeding the call.