How to Organize a Charity Event

Raising Funds for Cancer Research

Starting a fundraiser to support cancer research is not only simple, but it makes a big impact. In fact, fundraisers benefiting the V Foundation raise more than $1 million every year! It’s a wonderful way to show your passion for supporting cancer research. Here are the simple steps you can take to make it a success.

Step 1: Find your cause & research charity options

We have a wide variety of ways you can get involved and support the V Foundation! Like to run? Make every step count by joining Team V. Prefer pedals? You can take part in the Victory Ride to Cure Cancer. Feel like getting creative? Our DIY Fundraisers offer up a number of different ways you can get started. However you choose to get involved with the V Foundation, one thing remains the same: your efforts will support innovative cancer research.

Step 2: Set a fundraising goal

An important step when fundraising is to set an attainable goal. You can always continue to fundraise once you pass it! Also, be sure to encourage friends and family that every bit counts. Many small donations can add up to a big total.

Step 3: Invite friends and family to support your effort

Never be afraid to ask for donations! You’d be surprised how many of you friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and more have been affected personally by cancer. By sharing why you are so passionate about the cause, they’ll want to see you succeed and be a part of that success.

Step 4: Share your fundraiser on social media platforms

Make sure to take advantage of social media! From connecting your V Foundation fundraiser to Facebook, to encouraging friends to share your story after they donate, a positive push on social media can make all the difference to your fundraising efforts.

Step 5: Lean on your community for support & make a difference

Whether you raise $50, $500 or $5,000, every single penny brings us closer to Victory Over Cancer®. With hundreds and hundreds of fundraisers occurring each year to support the V Foundation, you are one member of a large team that is funding critical, life-saving research. Now that’s something to be proud of!

Ready to start fundraising?

If you need a few ideas to inspire you, meet our fundraising all-stars. The Downey Family has an annual Facebook Fundraiser; the Brandenburg family hosts a backyard BBQ; Will Michalopoulos creates and sells a holiday music CD; and Tom Vibert cycles in the Victory Ride. There’s no limit to how you can support the V Foundation.

You can get started today. Here are a few options that are easy and simple: