Meet Donna

For someone who was an avid runner that had competed in many marathons and half marathons, the news was shocking. Donna was
diagnosed with Stage IIIA breast cancer in 2007.

She persevered through extensive treatment, consisting of a variety of cancer therapies, including 16 rounds of chemotherapy and 33 days of radiation. November 2017 was Donna’s 10-year anniversary; she was a survivor.

The following February, Donna received news that her cancer returned. This time as Stage IV Metastatic breast cancer.

Today, Donna continues fighting cancer. She longs and hopes for the day where we can do more than just treat cancer, but actually stop cancer.

Donna is a loyal V Foundation supporter. She is one of our monthly donor MVPs and participates in our DIY program by managing her own Facebook fundraising page that benefits the V Foundation. Her passion
to fund and raise awareness for cancer research is captivating.

“I have always loved Jim Valvano and I draw such strength from his ESPYs speech. He was larger than life. The work that the V Foundation is doing to fund critical cancer research is what I hold near and dear. I am
proud to raise money and will continue as long as I can. I can no longer run marathons, but I am here, fighting every day. I will never give up.” – Donna Nelson

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