Grants - Louisiana - Designated Grants - 2016

John Cole, M.D.

Funded by Hooters of America, LLC

Clinical research is one of the most important ways that we learn what the best treatments are for patients with cancer. Clinical research often tests new types of treatment or new procedures, with the hope that more patients will benefit from the new treatment. Benefits can include improved chances of responding to therapy, fewer side effects and or safer treatments, and most importantly, in some cases, a better chance for cure.

Unfortunately, some groups of patients do not participate in clinical trials. This lack of participation may be due to obstacles or barriers to participation. Barriers can include difficulty in understanding cancer clinical trials or fear of participation in any type of experimental treatment.

The goal of our research project is to develop a better understanding of what barriers may exist in our community (the Greater New Orleans Region) and to develop educational programs to address concerns that some patients may have. We plan to develop a set of educational materials and create opportunities for community education which utilizes both printed materials and live community interactive educational activities.

These actions, if successful, will lead to a greater understanding of cancer clinical trials in cancer and potentially enhance the participation of minority and underrepresented groups in cancer clinical trials.