Aimee Mackey, M.D.

Funded by Hooters of America, LLC

The goal of our project is to develop a team approach to improve breast cancer clinical trial enrollment. We would do this by educating doctors and patients. This would increase the awareness of the breast cancer clinical trials open at Ochsner. We hope to make clinical trials easier for patients to understand.

We will put together a group of people including doctors, nurses, and cancer research coordinators. This group will develop the educational materials. The group will also teach ways to increase patient enrollment. We hope to involve more diverse patients using these tools. Community doctors and nurses will know what breast cancer clinical trials are available through our monthly newsletter. We will also have community outreach events.  The hope is to make the process for enrollment easier.

Location: Oschner Health System -
Proposal: Multidisciplinary Advancement of Breast Cancer Clinical Trial Enrollment through Education
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