Jack Krulewitz

Ice Cream in My Mustache Memorial Fund Page


This fund was created in honor of my dad, Jack Krulewitz, who passed away too soon in November of 2007. He was kind, caring, and full of love. My dad’s two signature traits were his mustache, which he had sported since the 70’s, and his legendary appetite.

We shared so many memorable moments, including times when his mustache would unintentionally retain leftover drops of ice cream. My dad would flash his trademark smile whenever I would point out the need to wipe the ice cream off his ‘stache and we would share a big laugh about it. He loved to laugh and we miss him every day.

There was a time after his chemo and radiation where he lost both his mustache and his appetite.

Thanks for supporting this fund and the great work done by the V Foundation for Cancer Research. If we can beat cancer together, we can ensure that future generations will keep laughing at ice cream-filled mustaches.

With love,

Josh Krulewitz


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