Matching Gift Campaign

Donate today through July 9, and your gift will be matched until we reach $50,000!

Donate Now and Match My Gift!

How does a Matching Gift Campaign work?

A generous donor has pledged to give $50,000 and match every dollar until the amount is reached. Your donation will go toward this goal, so together, we can fund more cancer research and save more lives!


Will donations made to my event, Team V, DIY Fundraisers or the Victory Ride page be matched?

The $50,000 matching challenge was intended for direct donations made to the V Foundation, not including any events or other ongoing fundraising initiatives. Donations made during this matching gift campaign will not be matched toward your event’s fundraising goal.


Can a donation I made at another time be applied to the match?

The donor who pledged $50,000 for the match intended for the gifts to be collected between June 18 – July 9. We are commemorating the 25th year since our founder, Jim Valvano, gave his iconic ESPY speech and announced the beginning of the V Foundation. With the ESPN’s ESPY Awards show right around the corner on July 18, our donor wanted give a special opportunity that will make a big impact during this anniversary.


If you have a specific question, please contact Rebecca Lockhart at 919-443-3562 or [email protected].