Meet Marla Milone

Advancements in immunotherapy promote vivacious life 

As a recent Villanova University graduate and in the prime of her life, Marla Milone had an exciting new job and was living in Manhattan. Although she was not feeling sick, she had pain in her chest and numbness in her arm. Thinking she pulled a muscle, she delayed getting it checked out. However, fatigue continued, and Marla’s dad urged her to get examined. The x-ray showed clusters on her chest, and before she knew it, she was getting CT and PET scans.  

Marla was going to a birthday party that weekend, and she had plans for a big tailgate with her friends at the New York Giants game. However, the next day, her life turned upside down with the diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma. 

I am living proof that advances in cancer research not only save lives, but allow those battling this disease to battle with grace.

Marla Milone

Gracefully Leading the Next Generation  

Meeting with specialists, seeing her parents’ tears and being admitted to the hospital seemed like a bad dream until the chemotherapy port was put in. At that moment, Marla’s nightmare became real. Fortunately, advancements in immunotherapy let Marla make lasting memories cheering on Villanova’s basketball team and exploring the Rocky Mountains, while enduring seven months of cancer treatment.  

In addition to the confidence and care Marla received from her medical team, she was surrounded by an endless number of friends and family who encouraged her through the anguish and turmoil. Feeling grateful, Marla promised she would find a way to give back. 

Just months into remission, Marla orchestrated a vibrant Great Gatsby Gala at the New York Athletic Club to benefit the V Foundation for Cancer Research. As part of the next generation of cancer research supporters, Marla believes it is her mission to bring us one step closer to finding cures for cancer! 


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