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If you would like to donate to the V Foundation regularly until a certain date, a pledge is a great choice. Click to fill out the form, or call us at 919-380-9505 to begin your annual or multi-year pledge. Pledges can be paid through automatic payments, checks, stocks, donor-advised funds and more. Donations at any level truly make a difference.

The V Foundation is in the midst of a campaign, Not a Moment to Lose, aiming to raise $200 million by 2020. The campaign is strategically focused on emerging, high-impact research opportunities to make the greatest advances in the shortest amount of time. Areas of scientific research to be funded include the study of prevention signals, clinical trials, immunotherapy pathways, big data collaborations, convergence projects, pediatric cancer and translational research. Through its partners and fundraising efforts the V Foundation has already raised $140 million towards its goal.

Your pledge will help us get closer to that goal. There is Not a Moment to Lose.