Create A Giving Page

Each of us has our own reasons for supporting the V Foundation. Creating your own giving page lets you easily share your unique story. You can use a Giving Page for any of these reasons and more.

  • Remembering a loved one
  • Honoring a special person in your life
  • Celebrating a special occasion like a wedding, birthday, retirement or anniversary
  • Encouraging a friend, family member, neighbor or someone in your community
  • Overcoming a milestone in your personal life, professional career or cancer journey
  • Making a difference in the fight against cancer

You can add a photo, tell your story and share your Giving Page with friends, family and the community.

Get started with your Giving Page.

If you’re creating a fundraiser (like a golf outing, a basketball tournament, or a gathering or party), please contact our DIY Fundraisers Team at or visit the DIY Fundraisers Page.

Please contact Rebecca Lockhart at or (919) 380-9505 if you have questions about your Giving Page.