Charity Navigator Rewards The V Foundation with Another Four Star Rating!

How do you know that your money is going where you’d like it to go when you donate to a charity? Is the charity using your donation wisely, or is the bulk of it going toward overhead? These answers and many more can be found by going to

Charity Navigator is America’s premier charity evaluator, and it has rated more than 5,400 charities to determine fiscal responsibility.  We’re proud to have earned our seventh consecutive highest 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. The 4-star rating means that The V Foundation has done an excellent job in efficiently managing and growing our finances. Only 2% of the charities that are rated by Charity Navigator have received at least seven 4-star ratings.

So check it out for yourself! Take a look at your favorite charities on Charity Navigator to see how they stack up. then you can donate with confidence!