Team Science

Our V funded researchers and scientists. An all-star lineup for the future of cancer research, helping to accelerate victory over cancer and save lives

Susanna’s Cool Cancer Research Finds

Every week, Dr. Susanna Greer, the V Foundation's Chief Scientific Officer, shares…

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Pioneering New Treatments in Pancreatic Cancer

How V Foundation funded researcher Sahar Nissim, M.D., Ph.D., is seeking advancements…

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V Foundation grantee Adam Murphy, M.D., offers an expert opinion

Dr. Murphy was featured in a recent article in Essence magazine offering…

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Taking on Breast Cancer Disparities Head On

V Foundation funded researcher Dr. Neha Goel and her team at Sylvester…

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Dr. Bae-Jump is Researching the “Why”

Endometrial cancer disproportionately impacts Black women compared to their white counterparts. Dr.…

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“It’s only through research…”

Veteran V Foundation Researcher Dr. Wechsler Shares His Work and Hopes for…

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Right Drug, Right Patient, Right Time

How Multi-Time Grantee Christina Curtis, Ph.D., Continues to Develop Advancements in Breast…

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Karen Sfanos, Ph.D.: Dedicated Researcher with a Unique Perspective

How Dr. Sfanos’ Personal Cancer Battle Provided a Unique Perspective as a…

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“The Victories in the Clinic are Worth It”

How Dr. Gruber is Building off V Foundation-Funded Groundwork

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Battling the Unique Cancer Challenges Faced by the LGBTQ Community

How Matthew Schabath, Ph.D., and Moffitt Cancer Center are Leading the Way…

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How Dr. Felix Feng is Aiming for the Holy Grail in Prostate Cancer Research

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Artificial Intelligence Technologies to Advance Treatment Plans for Prostate Cancer…

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Cancer researcher’s goal is to make global impact, save generations to come

V Foundation grantee Debattama Sen, Ph.D., was featured on, discussing her…

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