Financial Responsibility

Every donation has meaning. All we ask is you consider doing what you can. From 9-year-old Harper Harrell, who is raising money for the V Foundation while going through her own cancer journey, to the generous corporations and larger philanthropic donors, we are grateful and humbled by your decision to join our team.

The V Foundation has expenses and fundraising costs, but they’re covered by an endowment fund. Your donations do not support the endowment fund unless you request it.

The V Foundation runs very efficiently. For every dollar raised, the V Foundation spends $0.05 on fundraising expenses (covered by the endowment). This is well below the nonprofit standard of spending no more than $0.35 on fundraising expenses for every dollar raised.

Thank you for supporting us, for believing in the power of cancer research and maximizing the impact of every dollar you give.

Where Does My Donation Go?


4-star Designation from Charity Navigator

In 2022, the V Foundation received our 12th consecutive 4-star designation from Charity Navigator, indicating the V Foundation is in the highest category of rated charities and in the top 2% of all charities evaluated.


GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency

The V Foundation is a GuideStar Platinum Transparency rated charity. This distinction comes from providing unbiased information through the GuideStar platform to assist donors and stakeholders in making educated decisions about nonprofits and their work.

Financial Statements and Additional Information

The V Foundation is committed to donors’ rights and transparency. That’s why we make our annual reports, tax forms and audit reports available to you.

Annual Reports

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