Delta Chi Fraternity Brings The V Foundation to Campus!

The Delta Chi Fraternity, Inc. has partnered with The V Foundation since June 2006, announced at their annual convention in Cleveland, Ohio 4 short years ago. Since then, Delta Chi has raised $144,574 for cancer research, with 133 chapters and colonies contributing throughout the nation. Delta Chi Movers at the University of Maryland have led the way, raising over $12,000 alone.

Delta Chi chapters and colonies have been innovative and creative in their fundraising ideas, with events such as 3 on 3 basketball tournaments, dodgeball competitions, golf tournaments, ‘Pudding Tug-O-War’, and various other activities contributing to our great cause.

Delta Chi’s generous philanthropy work ties in with our cause as Jim Valvano envisioned his foundation to be committed to teamwork and community. With Delta Chi’s involvement, the future is promising for The V Foundation as Jim’s legacy continues to inspire thousands of college students everywhere.