V On the Street

Explore Ways to Host a V Event This Summer!

Trying to think of ways you can contribute to saving lives? Host a Jimmy V Foundation event. Just get a couple of friends together, think of a fun activity or benefit event, go to our JimmyV.org site to download an Event Registration form, and start getting donations! Here are a few fun ideas to get you started.

  1. Do like fifteen-year-old Drew Friedman and host your own dinner! Devise a tasty and refreshing 4 course dinner for you and your family and friends. Charge a donation for the dinner, and you’re on your way to a tasty and meaningful night!
  2. Summer time is best for neighborhood yard sales. Pick out those old clothes and books that you don’t want and get your friends to do the same. Your old belongings will get a brand new home and you will have raised money to help find a cure for cancer. Can you say win-win situation?
  3. Get your competitive edge on by hosting a basketball or golf tournament. Improve your game and your handicap, burn some calories and make some spectacular baskets (or holes!) Collect entry fees and sell drinks and snacks – the possibilities are endless.

For more ideas, visit our JimmyV.org/share-your-story to see how others have come up with ways of raising money for the cure.