V On the Street

Kids Lead the Way for The V Foundation!

People of all ages are making a difference in the fight against cancer.

Many kids are supporting The V Foundation across the country by raising money and spreading awareness about our cause!  Cancer affects everyone, and you can help us fund cancer research at any age.

Schools, middle school and high school sports teams, service clubs, dance teams, and after-school clubs are putting together fundraisers for The V Foundation!  Kids are also planning events on their own or with their families.  In the past year, several highly successful fundraisers were put on by kids under the age of 16.  From holiday-themed parties to dinners, kids are putting their creativity, time, and effort into V Foundation events!

Join our team and our cause at any age.  By putting on events, spreading the word about The V Foundation, and encouraging donations in local communities, you can help us in the fight against cancer.  100 cents of event net proceeds go directly to cancer research.

To learn more about putting on events, click here.

Many thanks to all of our supporters!