V Successes

Meet one of our researchers – Dr. Steven Curley!

Dr. Steven Curley is a professor of surgical oncology at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas.   Dr. Curley received a $500,000 designated grant from The V Foundation in 2009.  Dr. Curley has successfully used his grant to help fund pancreatic and primary liver cancer research.  The grant has allowed Dr. Curley to hire more researchers and to provide equipment and supplies.  He says that The V Foundation grant allowed him to take “what was little more than an idea and turn it into what is now a very promising treatment for patients.”
Dr. Curley works in the field of nanobiotechnology, which has the potential to kill human pancreatic cancers without causing damaging side effects.  He is also currently working with scientists at Rice University in Houston to study a noninvasive radiofrequency field generator designed to kill malignant tumors by heating cancer cells.  Initial results for these studies have been very promising!
By supporting The V Foundation, you give researchers like Dr. Curley the funds needed to strive to find a cure for cancer.  Together with supporters like you and scientists like Dr. Curley, we will find a cure.