Big Ideas

Neil Spector, M.D.

May 25, 2012

Dr. Neil Spector of Duke Cancer Institute is a 1996 recipient of The V Foundation’s V Scholar Grant and is working to improve translational research at Duke. Spector said through physician-scientist training programs and the addition of translational research training in medical schools, upcoming scientists and doctors are better equipped to move research from the labs to the clinic more efficiently. He said Duke is working on several projects to better translational research techniques. One such project is its tissue database–a compilation of every cancer biopsied at Duke. The database will give scientists and doctors the capability to track and correlate the molecular pathology and profile of cancers with clinical results.

Spector said the vision at Duke is to bring clinicians and science researchers together on a regular basis so they can collaborate on their work, brainstorm and problem solve. This process helps bring innovative research to the patient and is happening already at Duke.