Angeles Secord, M.D.

Funded by Kay Yow Cancer Fund

Cancer involving the lining of the uterus is known as endometrial cancer. Endometrial cancer is a common female cancer with about 61,880 new cases per year. When this cancer has spread beyond the uterus, most women will die of their disease. Endometrial cancer deaths have been increasing each year since 2006. We need better and more treatments for this disease. There are tests to identify abnormal genes and proteins on the cancer cells. More research is needed to see if these abnormal genes and proteins can be used to make treatment decisions. We believe that survival for women with endometrial cancer that has spread outside of the uterus will be improved by using the abnormal tumor genes and proteins to find treatments that will work better. Our goal is to look more closely at these abnormal genes and proteins in cancer cells and determine if this new way to make treatment decisions and find better treatments will help women live longer. We also plan to find new drugs to treat this disease. We will bring together a group of medical centers, experts who treat women with this disease, patients, and patient advocates to help guide our study.

Location: Duke Cancer Institute - North Carolina
Proposal: Endometrial Cancer Molecularly Targeted Therapy Consortium
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