Aniko Vigh, M.D.

Funded by 2020 Kay Yow Cancer Fund Final Four Research Award

Since the mid-1960s, New Orleans has had a majority African American (AA) population, many of whom are poor and uninsured.  This, along with a lack of communication, misunderstanding of clinical research and limited funding for education and outreach, has led to a lack of access to clinical cancer research trials among this demographic.

The goal of this program is to assist in the enrollment of cancer patients and those at risk for cancer into clinical research trials, with particular emphasis on outreach, recruitment and enrollment of minority patients.

Pivotal to this effort is a patient navigator with extensive training in cultural competence who will be assigned specifically to clinical research.  In addition to assisting enrollment in trials at our clinical sites, the Navigator will also use Tulane’s established relationships with community organizations, community leadersarea physicians and affiliate sites to help educate minorities about clinical research.

The Navigator will identify and approach prospective study patients; build a relationship with themtheir caregivers and family members; and guide them through the enrollment process while serving as an essential link between the patient and the study team.  

Location: Tulane Cancer Center - Louisiana
Proposal: Enhancing Clinical Trial Awareness and Outreach for Minority Patients in Oncology Research
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