Aude Chapuis, M.D.

Research has advanced new anticancer drug therapies, saving many lives, but it is estimated that cancers will still kill more than half a million Americans specifically African and Hispanic Americans. New, safe and effective treatment approaches are urgently needed. Especially promising are treatments including cancer cells, through a large family of proteins called “T cell receptors” (AKA TCRs) which bind particular molecules associated with tumors Dr. Chapuis is an expert in identifying tumor antigens, genetically engineering matching TCRs, putting them in T cells and then infusing these enhanced methods to develop new engineered T cell therapies for patients for whom best available therapies are simply inadequate. For patients with non-leukemia patients, further optimizing methods that can also be used to target other antigens in tumors where WT1 is not expressed. She also proposes therapy after the safety of each is established for a broader future impact, including for other patients with urgent needs.

Location: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - Washington
Proposal: Targeting Non Small Lung Cancer and mesothelioma with Transferred Tumor-Specific T Cells
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