Caroline Bartman, PhD

Cancer is dangerous because it grows out of control in the body. Cancer needs to consume nutrients to make the energy to grow. We discovered that colon cancer makes energy very slowly. Because of this, we want to try blocking energy production to kill the colon cancer.

We found that colon cancer has a very low level of Vitamin B1, which is required for the major energy producing pathway in colon cancer. We will test three different ways to take away Vitamin B1 to see if this could stop colon cancer. We will also try to find why colon cancer has so little Vitamin B1. In future, if our hypothesis is right, maybe colon cancer patients could eat a diet low in Vitamin B1 to strengthen the effects of anti-cancer drugs they receive.

Location: Abramson Cancer Center - Philadelphia
Proposal: Targeting vitamin B1 metabolism to starve colorectal cancer
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