Carrie Lee, MD

Funded by the 2022 Victory Ride to Cure Cancer

New treatments for cancer patients are developed through studies called clinical trials. All cancer patients should understand what treatment options are available to them, including clinical trials. However, few patients are treated on clinical trials. Minority groups are even less likely to be treated on clinical trials. One way to encourage more diverse participation is to offer education. We will create a short video that shows the basics of clinical trials. The video will include diverse patients and doctors from UNC that have experience with clinical trials. The video will teach cancer patients about the basics of clinical trials and encourage them to ask their doctor if a trial could be right for them. We will also place printed materials in waiting areas for patients to take home and discuss clinical trials with their family and caregivers.

Location: UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center - Chapel Hill
Proposal: Use of Multimedia Educational Tools to Advance Equity in Cancer Clinical Trial Participation
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