David Oh, MD, PhD

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Bladder cancer is a lethal disease with limited treatments. While we know that we can turn on patients’ own immune system to fight this cancer, using treatments called immunotherapies, most patients do not respond. We have been working on developing better immunotherapies that turn on a new kind of “killer” immune cell that can attack bladder tumors but has not been targeted before. With the support of the V Foundation, we will study samples from bladder cancer patients who received immunotherapy in a clinical trial. We will perform a deep dive into their tumors to see what other kind of cells and genetic changes make up the “neighborhood” that talks to these killer immune cells. We hope that this will provide key direction for a near-term clinical trial for bladder cancer patients who may benefit from a novel treatment targeting these killer cells. This will benefit bladder cancer patients in need by helping them live longer while also relieving the suffering from this disease.

Location: UCSF/Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center - San Francisco
Proposal: Therapeutic modulation of cytotoxic CD4+ T cells via KLRG1 to overcome primary resistance to immunotherapy in urothelial carcinoma
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