Elizabeth Calhoun, Ph.D.

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The University of Arizona Cancer Center (UACC) Arizona TrialRunners aims to increase the number and diversity of breast cancer clinical trial participants through a culturally relevant outreach and education campaign. Directing the campaign is Dr. Elizabeth Calhoun, Associate Director for Population Sciences at the University of Arizona Cancer Center, along with the support of nurse and outreach navigators to target breast cancer patients, as well as physician liaisons from Banner Health and Dignity Health to reach community physicians and members beyond the UACC’s established patient catchment area. The collaboration leaders of Arizona TrialRunners are developing a strategic plan to improve the participation from persons that are not typically enrolled in clinical trials, such as racial and ethnic minority populations, the elderly, and the underinsured. Innovative engagement techniques include creating an environment of awareness for all faculty, staff and patients to improve effective clinical trial recruitment strategies for UACC and its statewide partners. Arizona TrialRunners hopes that this campaign will become a model for cancer centers to execute in an effort to improve expansion of clinical trial enrollment and to improve health outcomes.

Location: University of Arizona Cancer Center - Arizona
Proposal: Clinical Research Trial Outreach and Enrollment: Arizona Trail Runners
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