Gelareh Zadeh, MD, PhD, FRCS(C)

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Meningiomas are the most common intracranial tumor in adults. While most meningiomas can be successfully treated with surgery, there are a significant proportion of cases that require the addition of radiation therapy to delay tumor recurrence. However, our current methods of selecting which patients should be escalated for radiation after surgery remain relatively imprecise, especially for intermediate-grade meningiomas that can behave in a highly variable manner. Molecular profiling, specifically DNA methylation of meningiomas has proven to be an effective and efficient method of providing additional information on these tumors that can be used to better predict whether they will or will not recur after surgery. However, whether a similar set of molecular signatures exist to predict whether a meningioma of any given patient will respond to radiotherapy after surgery remain to be determined. This V Foundation grant will enable us to 1) develop a clinically important predictor using specific molecular signatures of any given patient’s meningioma to tell us whether their tumor will respond to radiation, 2) test this predictor through a novel, real-time, molecular-pathology informed clinical trial, and 3) determine if the same signatures that can prediction response to radiotherapy in the tumor tissue can be used to non-invasively provide the same information through a simple blood test. Results from this study have the potential to dramatically improve the way we treat patients with meningiomas and will represent a significant shift forward in the field of neuro-oncology.

Location: Princess Margaret Cancer Centre - Toronto
Proposal: Building Algorithms to Predict Response to Radiation in Meningiomas using Tumor and Biofluid Biomarkers
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