Guogin Yu, Ph.D.

Funded in partnership with the Kansas City Chiefs Football Club

Like smoking for lung cancer, infection by Helicobacter pylori (Hp) is the major risk factor for gastric cancer (GC). However, only <3% of those infected by Hp develop GC. We hypothesized that the interactions among Hp strains and/or between Hp and non-Hp microbes may affect their interaction with humans, therefore modify host clinical outcomes. We aim to find GC-associated microbial features that define the steps leading to GC. The results of this study will provide critical insights into the causes of GC. This study will also provide potential novel biomarkers to identify subjects at high risk or with early stage of GC, enabling interventions to reduce GC incidence and mortality.

Location: University of Kansas Cancer Center - Kansas
Proposal: A novel look at Helicobacter pylori toward microbe-microbe interaction in gastric carcinogenesis
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