Hatem Soliman, M.D.

Funded by Hooters of America, LLC

This project attempts to use advanced analytical software (IBM’s Watson) to provide a comprehensive picture of our metastatic breast cancer patient population over a 5 year period at the Moffitt Cancer Center. The projects aims are to capture this dataset over the course of a year and enter in many different data points about the patients. These┬ádata points describe what this population of patients looks like from the perspective of an oncologist determining how many of them are eligible for any given trial that they have open. With this information we can use Watson to generate a detailed report to help us understand what types of patients we see, how those groups have changed over time, and most importantly what trials can we seek out to best match up with the patients we see at our center. The goal is to use data analysis to help us plan what mix of different trials we need to open in the future to best serve our patients’ needs.

Location: Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute - Florida
Proposal: Using trial matching to enhance accrual to clinical trials
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