John Cole, M.D.

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The purpose of our project is to create educational materials that can be used to increase the awareness of a minority populations of the benefits of cancer clinical trials. Our expectation is that an increased awareness will help make cancer clinical trials more understandable and will increase the likelihood that they will be considered as an excellent option for minority cancer patients needing therapy. 

In order to create the educational materials, we plan to bring together a multidisciplinary group of cancer providers which will include physicians, nurses, social workers, and cancer research coordinators. This group will help develop the educational information. In addition, we will also bring together minority cancer patients to advise us as to potential concerns or barriers that minority patients may have in regards to clinical trials. In this way we will be able to address those concerns in our educational materials. 

Utilizing the information that we will obtain from these activities, we plan to create an educational video that can be distributed and shown to minority cancer patients that will help them have a deeper understanding of the benefits of cancer clinical trials. This approach will be applicable across all cancers. 

Location: Ochsner Clinic Foundation - Louisiana
Proposal: Enhancing Minority Participation in Clinical Trials through Multidisciplinary Education
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