Josephine Taverna, M.D.

One challenge of lung cancer treatment is that cancer cells thrive in a tumor ecosystem (or habitat) that protects them. This tumor ecosystem consists of immune cells, blood cells, connective tissue that allow lung tumors to grow and spread to organs (brain, bones, liver, lungs). We recently discovered that PD1, AXL and STAT3 signals in lung cancer serves as “on switches” that drive lung cancer growth, treatment resistance and spread to organs. More importantly, these cancer signals allow cancer cells to communicate with nearby cells for protection. We found that blocking PD1, AXL and JAK signaling can block communication between tumor and non‐cancer cells in tumorecosystem. Our research team would like to perform mouse experiments and clinical trial using drug combinations that turn off these signals and disable the tumor within its habitat, thereby preventing tumor growth and spread. This therapy could help improve survival for our patients with lung cancer.

Location: Mays Cancer Center at UT Health San Antonio - San Antonio
Proposal: AXL-STAT3-PD1 targeting of tumor immune microenvironments
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