Kimberly Stegmaier, MD

Funded by the Dick Vitale Pediatric Cancer Research Fund in partnership with Mat Ishbia and Justin Ishbia

Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death from disease in children in high-income countries. Our lab has used cutting-edge technologies to hunt for new drug targets in high-risk pediatric cancers.  In neuroblastoma, a common pediatric solid tumor, we discovered a new potential therapeutic target. Drugs have been developed against this target, but they have not been tested in neuroblastoma. In this proposal, we will perform the critical testing of these drugs in high-risk neuroblastoma models in the lab. We will also determine why neuroblastoma cells depend on this target for survival.  It is our long-term goal to develop clinical trials testing these drugs in children with high-risk neuroblastoma.

Location: Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center - Boston, MA
Proposal: Therapeutic Targeting of Chromatin Complexes in Neuroblastoma
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