Lang Wu, PhD

Pancreatic cancer is a deadly cancer. There are urgent needs to identify specific biomarkers in blood (proteins and metabolites) that  are  related to pancreatic cancer.  The increased understanding of risk factors  for  pancreatic  cancer  can  be  useful  to  develop  new  strategy  for predicting individual risk of developing this cancer. The proposed study using novel design and methods will help identify protein and  metabolite biomarkers in blood causally associated with pancreatic cancer risk. Knowledge generated by this project will help us to better understand the etiology of pancreatic cancer and lay a solid foundation for future efforts of risk prediction of this deadly cancer. The identification of  high-risk  individuals  can  be  useful  for  more  specific,  expensive,  and/or  invasive  tests  to  identify  disease  at  an early  stage  or  for  targeted  prevention to reduce disease risk. 

Location: University of Hawaii Cancer Research Center - Hawaii
Proposal: Uncovering causal protein and metabolite markers in blood to improve pancreatic cancer etiology understanding
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