Linda Sutton, M.D.

Funded by the Victory Ride to Cure Cancer

Clinical trials offer a path to cure for cancer patients by testing methods to prevent, find or treat many types of illness. Yet, patient access to clinical trials varies; rural areas have limited health care services. Duke University has a wealth of clinical trials for patients with cancer. The goal of this effort is to increase the clinical trials available from Duke to the community. The clinical trials will focus on specific ethnic groups in specific locations. Two types of clinical trials will be the focus: Uncommon cancers– such as blood-based cancers, or cancers that have different effects on specific races – such as prostate.

Duke doctors with special knowledge in Prostate Cancer and blood cancers will go to specific clinics. The Duke doctors will talk with doctors and nurses in the community about patient cases. We will test to see if rural clinics can use central storage for test results from tumors. Central storage will let us match test results from tumors to available clinical trials.

Our team wants to include patients in our effort to improve knowledge about clinical trials. We want to help make them aware that clinical trials are available. A committee that includes patients will help guide the creation of educational tools for patients.

Location: Duke Cancer Institute - North Carolina
Proposal: Advancing Cancer Care in the Rural Southeast: Delivering Novel Therapies In Our Community Cancer Centers
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